Friday, April 15, 2016


Does anyone give a crap? Honestly...

The New York Post reported that Brian McCann played with a discolored toe.  OK, and?

"Sitting at his locker following a 4-2 loss, McCann’s discolored left big toe was on display. 'It’s all right, it’s good. Obviously, it doesn’t feel great, but adrenaline is a great thing,’ said McCann, who didn’t play Wednesday after taking a foul tip off the top of the toe Tuesday. 

McCann wore a small pad on the toe. He had blood removed from under the nail after getting hit."

I guess the moral of the story is, we should applaud this guy for playing through it, but I gotta tell ya, we love Brian McCann in the Bronx and how do you not?  He wouldn't complain about something like that and I gotta tell ya, if he needed a day off... it's why we have Austin Romine.

In Yankeeland lately... there are just no good nuggets.  This toe story? Not one...

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