Saturday, April 23, 2016


Quick note and a continued conversation about our #BYB buddy, Doug Stroup.

When we last left him, he was nice enough to tweet both #BYB and the New York Yankees about him being at a Yankee game wearing his Bleeding Yankee Blue shirt.  Read THE YANKEES 'LIKED' #BYB TODAY for more, but in a nutshell, the Yankees obviously 'liked' #BYB for a moment.  No idea is it's a low level Yankee hack or just the Yankees or, whomever... it doesn't matter... I was happy and so, I did the right thing...

I sent Doug our brand new #BYB Shirt.
He, in turn, Wore it to Yankee Stadium... and the Yankees won... which is just freaking amazing.

So what's the point of this? Well... this: If you guys are interested in the new Bleeding Yankee Blue shirt, you can buy it now by Clicking HERE and going directly to the store.

I just want to thank Doug Stroup for being loyal.  There are a ton of places that Doug could go every day for Yankee news and opinion. But he doesn't. He come to us and we love it.

Thanks Doug...

Thank you for your loyalty to Bleeding Yankee Blue. 
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