Friday, April 29, 2016


I'm not surprised by anything anymore.

Looks like Dee Gordon of the Marlins has been suspended for 80 games because of PEDs. According to ESPN:

"Miami Marlins second baseman Dee Gordon has been suspended 80 games without pay, effective immediately, for violating MLB's performance-enhancing drug policy, the league said early Friday.

The speedy second baseman tested positive for the performance-enhancing substances exogenous testosterone and clostebol, MLB said."

Look, this is what baseball needs, to punish players and the fact that Dee Gordon couldn't see what was going on with Alex Rodriguez, and then Jenrry Mejia this season, well too bad for him.  I do know this, Dee Gordon is a very good ballplayer and never felt like he got the credit he deserved.  Whether or not that was factor in all of this, who knows, but now the dude is suspended and somewhere in the country, a Dee Gordon fan is crushed, much like when my son realized that guys like ARod and Manny Ramirez dabbled. It's heartbreaking to see kid's with idols disappointed. 

Look, cheating and 'getting an edge' has always been in sports.  It's just a shame that in this environment, in 2016, even with restrictions and punishment, it really doesn't matter.  Players still try and not get caught...but they always do.

Gordon's the latest.  See you in 80 games.

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