Tuesday, March 29, 2016


It's a fascinating world out there, isn't it?  I mean, the BYB writers are constantly cranking out content to keep you informed and to give you opinion and all of that.  We do it often.  No... we actually do it every single day.  It's a grind, but writing is a passion and if you don't get it, you never will.

I've been swamped.  I have kids in competitive sports, baseball in particular, and my wife and I are running around all day, every day.  My one son's on 3 teams, my youngest are on tee-ball, my middle child is out to be the greatest athlete on the planet and you know what? Goals are great. I applaud them all. Luckily for my wife and I, the grades are outstanding too... no one is complaining over here.  But we are tired and we are busy and that's the reality of the situation.  Couple that with my real life job and any other extracurricular activities we are trying to do and you know what? I'm going to be honest with you... BYB is not at the top of my list. And that's just me... my writers are just as busy. But we still love what we do at BYB. 

But we're also not robots.  We don't crank out stories because every other blog does.  We try to be provocative. We try to be informative. We try to bring you important info you may not know about, we'll make you laugh, cry, snicker... whatever... That's why we're here.  We're a major force in the Yankees blog world and it's because we do it differently.  Our loyal fans know this... and respect it.  The newbies come in and read a few pages and are sometimes lost.  "Why did you write about that?" or "What does that even mean? YOU'RE STUPID!" Actual quotes from actual people.  I say this... Relax... we're not changing for you. Clearly this isn't an appointment for you... go to RAB.

I don't care about laying out hundreds of statistics for you.  I hate Sabermetrics.  We write about leadership, goals. dominance... hard work, believing... you know, life lessons.  Here's an example why...If I told you my oldest son was one of the best baseball players in our town after years of him being ignored because of the politics of Little League, you would believe it... because it's my kid, and the goals are real. And that's the way we operate in my home.  It's a human trait to push yourself when you're hated or ignored.  The pressure is off.  And that's how he did it... that's how BYB became relevant. We set a goal... we accomplished the goal when no one was watching or cared.

We are not looking to be the best. We know we are.  People will read that and call it arrogance.  It's actually confidence.  I have never failed in something I visualize.  BYB learns from mistakes and makes great content on the daily... for you, every single day. And you know what? Some days there isn't great news. That's because there isn't.  We are not going to waste your time... we are NOT going to write a story because everyone else did.  It's not what we do. Buh-Bye.

The Yankees 2016 season will be alot of fun on BYB.  We will continue to have content. We'll ask questions, we'll make suggestions, we'll continue to give you opinion and most of all we will engage our audience on social networks.  It's what we do.  We love the banter... we are not fans of the hate.

We'll sell new merchandise.  We made up this shirt and it will be out in about a week or so.  We'll put it on the BYB store.

We're also coming out with a BYB shirt featuring our now famous illustration of "Casey" with some recent Yankee greats surrounding him... we'll post an illustration soon.

Bottom line, we're here, we're important to you and we will continue to write about the Yankees and what's important in Yankeeland and life, but we will NOT waste your time with unnecessary crap.  Why? Well, because we're not like the others and never want to be. We care about what we present. We're Bleeding Yankee Blue and we take an interest in our readers and fans.  We will bring you what's important.  We will personally reach out to you and discuss the story.  We love the banter... but most important... we're not robots.

Just had to get that off my chest.  Countdown the Opening Day? It can't come fast enough.

Be Read. Get Known.

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