Monday, March 7, 2016


Mark my first Spring Training game in the books, folks! My boyfriend Jay may be very misguided with his choice of baseball teams, but he knows I love my baseball! For my birthday he bought us tickets to see a game. My only mistake in this scenario was telling him to surprise me in this instance because letting him pick the game meant having to sit and watch a game starring the LA Angels.

At any rate, it was a good choice. It was partly cloudy outside, a little cooler (80 degrees is cool for us right now) and breezy outside. The only thing that could make the day even more picture perfect was to watch the the Kansas City Royals beat the Angels and I was crossing my fingers.

The first half of the game was rather uneventful. By the sixth inning the Angels had made two errors which led to a 4-1 lead for the Royals. We met up with one of my friend's... Heather, so by this point we were teasing him a little.

Me: "This is just a preview for what will happen when the Angels play the Yankees. Get ready."

Jay: "You better hope and pray that when we go to the dump (Yankee stadium) in August that the Indians don't beat you. I promise you will never hear the end of it."

Me: "By August the Angels will be crossing off days until they hit the golf course."

Jay: "Even better....if Mark Teixeira isn't in the lineup on that day you are going to hear about it for days."

Me: "Whatever it won't happen."

Jay: "I can just hear it now....'I flew all of this way and don't even get to see Tex play' I will laugh my ass off."

Me: "You want to make yourself that miserable?"

Jay: "Then you will start yelling and screaming at Joe Girardi."

Me: "You have a vivid imagination."

Jay: "Here, just accept it. You want my Angels hat since you are a closet Angels fan?" (puts hat on my head then Heather's)

Me: "Ew. That's gross. I call abuse."

Jay: "Just you wait until after we get back home....because then I am taking you to an Angel's game so you can see a real team at a real stadium."

Me: "Our stadium is a cathedral. You can't do any better than that....and the only REAL team is the Yankees. This is just 'slumming it' so I can watch a game."

Jay: "Whatever. You want to wear my Mike Trout shirt?"

Me: *gags*

Jay: "OK, how about Albert Pujols?"

Me: "Why would I do that when I have Tex?"

Jay: "Just admit it, Trout is the best player in all of baseball and you wish you had him!"

This went on all day...and Heather and I made sure to torture Jay at the end because the Angels lost 6-1 to the Royals. My day was officially complete. I got to watch the Angels lose, pick on Jay and do it with some awesome company. We may be the odd couple because of our love and extreme loyalty to other teams....but it works. I am still convinced that I will still convert him.

--Jeana Bellezza, 
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