Saturday, March 12, 2016


Remember when we all had it figured out? Chase Headley made too many errors last year at third, and Starlin Castro and young and spry and hell, he can play second base for us, but he can probably play third too... remember that? Not happening... it's over Johnny.

According to the New York Post:

"The Starlin Castro third base experiment has ended before it really began, and that is OK with him. 

Girardi said before the Yankees’ 4-4 tie against the Orioles at Ed Smith Stadium on Thursday that Castro, a shortstop until the middle of last year, is Didi Gregorius’ backup, but he won’t be playing third base.

'I don’t know if that is going to happen,’ Girardi said. 'We want to make sure he is comfortable at second.'’’

And you know what? I applaud that.  Keep Castro where he came to New York to shine.  Let him learn second solid.  Sure, he's probably willing to do whatever, but keep him at second and you know what? Give Rob Refsnyder more time as the backup 3rd baseman, backup 2nd baseman and start getting that kid reps and at bats whenever we can.  Let him learn the team and the positions in the Bigs, with the veterans and new guys and sooner or later, we've got another young stud ready to play regularly somewhere for the New York Yankees.

Anyway... nice nugget by the Post today. I had to share it.

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