Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Those words come from Sweeny Murti who knows a thing or 2 about things Yankee related and just a gut reaction to the way the Yankees operate and how things are done.  Plus, CC had a good outing today.

Yup, CC Sabathia pitched today in what is being described as his best outing of the Spring.  YES Network writes:

"...CC Sabathia to turn in a strong enough outing to earn praise from his manager in a crucial start opportunity.

The veteran lefty tossed four innings against Pittsburgh in his final spring start before Opening Day, giving up two earned runs on three hits with two walks and a pair of strikeouts, and winning his first decision in 2016.

It was just what the doctor ordered for CC..."

It was then that Sweeny tweeted this:
"Rotation spot seems safe." I like that.

Look, it is my guess, based on his salary and respect and alittle rooting that CC Sabathia will get a rotation spot in 2016.  CC is a starter, he's always been a starter and the Yankees are probably unsure of what CC can do out of the bullpen.  I believe ultimately CC will be in the rotation this season and he'll try to grind through it, and if good things happen along the way, that's great too.

That being said, if you ask CC, the guy's so classy he'd tell you he'll do anything the organization needs him to do to help the team win.  Love that.

Anyway... alittle nugget from Yankeeland today. Enjoy it.  Comment too... tell us what you think.  And do me a favor, spare me the opinion of "He's a bum" without a valid reason why... that's tired already.

Oh yeah, and I forgot to tell you... Bryan Mitchell made the Yankees team today as a bullpen guy.  Congrats to Mitchell.

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