Monday, March 28, 2016


Look, Rob Refsnyder had a few bad days.  Doesn't matter.  He will improve. He's still a youth member trying to get up to the Majors and when the Yankees decided that Starlin Castro was the  2nd baseman,  it was pretty clear that they had no future plans for Ref at 2nd, and so, they tried him as a backup third baseman.

Nothing wrong with that. Refsnyder's such a gamer, he would have washed jock straps if it meant he could be on the big team.  And so, he took grounders at 3rd and made it his priority.  When you're a kid, you do whatever the team wants of you.  But you know what? It didn't work out... not now at least.  Rob Refsnyder was sent to Triple A.  He'll keep working, he'll keep pushing himself and I will bet we see him sometime this year.  Nothing wrong with this... he wasn't ready.

According to several sources, but we'll go with the New York Post with this:

"The Yankees took a look at Refsnyder, a second baseman, at third when camp opened because Dustin Ackley, the other backup infielder, plays only first and second.

Jace Peterson, Gordon Beckham and Andres Blanco are infielders with short and third experience who could be had if the Yankees don’t believe Pete Kozma or Ronald Torreyes, who are in camp, can handle the job.

'The utility guys we have in camp, it will come down to one of those guys,' Joe Girardi said.

But there is a chance the player will arrive by trade.

'That’s always a possibility,' Girardi said. 'My thought is that it will come out of this camp, but it’s a possibility. You never know what is going to happen at the end of camp.'”

Now I'm a big Beckham fan, but I just don't see them going outside of the team to snag a 3rd baseman.  Who knows, maybe they will, but much like when Dean Anna and Yangervis Solarte were with the team a few years ago... sometimes the Yanks just stick with what they have, and guys like Torreyes and Kozma will most likely be those guys.

Whatever the case, Ref is down now.  And we need to move on.  Opening Day is almost here folks... I can't wait.

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