Tuesday, March 1, 2016

OCTOBER 26, 1985

The title of this post is also the date on the console of Doc Brown’s infamous Time Machine in the 80’s hit “BACK TO THE FUTURE”. A young Marty McFly finds himself caught up in a bizarre trip back in time once the good Doctor’s invention hits 88mph on the speedometer. Today, in New York City, we are also rocketing toward the past. And just like that night in Hill Valley it’s 1985 all over again. The 1985 Mets came in second. In '86, they won the championship.  The Yankees back then? Yikes.

I hated the mid 1980’s as a baseball fan. The Yankees were lousy and the Mets (who I looked at as a USFL team) were the toast of the City That Doesn’t Sleep. I saw friends start wearing light blue and orange caps on the school bus. I remember walking into my buddy John’s room (a pal I went to many a Yankee game with) to see a Dwight Gooden poster on his wall. WHAT?! How did this happen?

The Yankees were the other team in New York and the Mets were the hot ticket in town. I would actually get ribbed by other kids for wearing my plastic Yankee batting helmet to school. (Side note: that was actually OK when I was little). This was Bizzaro World! The Mets were created to give Dodger fans something to root for when Brooklyn’s Pride caught a train to the west coast…they were like “Joey”, the “Friends” spin off.

Now the Mets are back. Their pitching is OUTSTANDING! It’s like Maddux, Smoltz and Glavine good…only will be BETTER! They have a nicer ballpark in Queens. Sorry, it’s true. We got a mall; the Mets built a Baseball Stadium. Their Top Brass suddenly looks great compared to the garbage Lon and Company are spewing. The Mets are fan friendly. They cost less and give more…it makes me sick and what’s more, sad.

Are the Yankees awful? No. They could easily put a good year together if all the pieces fall into place…but that’s A LOT of pieces, gang. We have the same health, age & financial limits, due to albatross contracts, that will make it an uphill battle in the Bronx again this year…but we made our bed.

I don’t know how long it will last. I mean the Mets didn’t actually win the series…their lineup isn’t all that scary…but still. The New York Mets seem to be holding all the cards in the poker game for the city’s heart and dollars.

I’ll hope the ghosts from the Old Cathedral wake up, come across the street and watch over the Yanks again. We need a little help from above, because the teams in Queens are now Kings.

** Here’s a tip of my cap to the New York Mets and their fans. A little ditty from the some local boys, THE GREAT RUN DMC. RIP JMJ.**

--Mike O'Hara Senior "Features" Writer
Twitter: @mikeyoh21

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