Friday, March 4, 2016


Brett Gardner is still hurt and I'm starting to get annoyed about it.

I like Gardy, and you know what? Injury does happen, but lately for guys like Mark Teixeira and for Mr. Brett Gardner, injury seems to be happening a lot.

Sports Illustrated has an update on Brett Gardner's wrist:

"Gardner will miss about two weeks of action as he continues to recover from a bone bruise in his left wrist, manager Joe Girardi told reporters on Wednesday. Gardner is not expected to take any swings before the Yankees' off-day on March 14..."

Not much more to say, let's hope it doesn't continue to linger. I will say this; I hope he recovers fully, because a hurt speedster is bad for the Yankees.  Not having Gardy top the lineup will screw us a bit.  My opinion of course.

Mr. Porcelain? Well... I'm not calling him that yet. But everyone knows that porcelain is delicate and can break... and Brett seems to be in that category lately.

Just sayin'.

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