Monday, March 7, 2016


I never like offering that something is 'the best' or 'the worst' of something until it's over.  Predictions don't jive with me. Partly because predictors are rarely right, and when they are, they prance around acting like they have the almanac from Back to the Future or something.

Truth is... it's a guess... and so is this nugget.  That being said, I think everyone can agree that a small trade could be the SMARTEST deal for both parties and in the end, both the Yankees and Twins will benefit in some way.

Nick Carardo of the Boston Globe does what he always does... writes nuggets that everyone in the baseball world will pick from. So are we.

The latest is this:

"John Ryan Murphy, C, Twins — One baseball official not associated with the Murphy deal with the Yankees for outfielder Aaron Hicks called it "the best pure baseball deal of the offseason." The Twins got a very good catcher and the Yankees a very good defensive fourth outfielder. Murphy is winning friends rapidly with the Twins. He's a strong voice for pitchers and a potential power threat."

(In photo: Castro with Hicks)
Now here's the truth, I am totally psyched about Hicks, and he's a player that flies under the radar, but he has a huge upside.   So does John Ryan Murphy, and the truth is no one really wanted to part with Murphy, but it's 2 fold here;  Murphy is a good enough catcher, again, a player flying under the radar, to trade for someone like Hicks.  Plus, the Yankees want Gary Sanchez to grow, and now he can.  They've been waiting for that moment for a while, and now they have it.

With Hicks, we have a guy that is younger and more mold-able than a Chris Young.  Plus, age is a factor.  Young is 32. Hicks, just 26. While Young was a good player for the Yankees, they were hell bent on getting younger and they did.Young walked to Boston.

But what will the future bring for both Murph and Hicks in their new ballparks?  Well... the truth is, time will tell.

The 'best' pure deal? Sure, maybe on paper... but we ain't see nothing yet.  Come see me at the end of the season and we'll see if these deals paid off. 

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