Monday, March 28, 2016


Not sure what to make of this story in the New York Post, but it pretty much confirms what I've stated all along.  Matt Harvey is a princess who believes his own hype, rides the wave of "I'm hot shit" and "The team needs me".  Mets have a prima donna on their hands. Maybe they should cut bait now.  According to the Post, "Harvey took a personal day on Monday for an unspecified medical issue, and an ominous mood has descended over the final days of the Mets’ spring.

The ace right-hander was excused from the Mets’ game against the Cardinals — a required road trip in this final week of the exhibition season — to make a doctor’s visit of a non-orthopedic nature, according to a team spokesman.

Harvey later was scratched from his scheduled start against the Marlins on Tuesday. His status for Opening Day against the Royals is suddenly in doubt."

Now the reason why I'm hammering the guy is because if you read further, this "medical issue" is "'not major,' meaning it won’t necessitate a long layoff."

And so, what is it? Is he getting a mole removed? The point is, you don't take deal with a "minor" situation and NOT go to Opening day and that appears the be the concern. When you get to the majors, and you're tapped for Opening Day... don't you make sure you're there for your team?  Isn't that the goal, TO LEAD?

Mets needs to wake up.  Jacob DeGrom's the guy that needs to lead the Mets.  He's an ace, he's got incredible work ethic... and he shows up no matter what.  Who needs that Harvey guy who believes the hype surrounding him.

It seems ridiculous.

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