Wednesday, March 9, 2016


We all know that Johnny Damon is nothing about substance and everything about trying to stay relevant be it when he was trying to get a new contract with the Red Sox, or Yankees, or even latching on to someone popular.

You remember, we've written about Johnny extensively here.  Read F JOHNNY DAMON! where I finally became fed up with him. That piece breaks down a perfect example of someone that would drop a friend in Alex Rodriguez if what surrounded ARod wasn't popular.  And so, he threw ARod under the bus and Johnny distanced himself.  He bad mouthed the Yankees when they didn't want to bring him back, goes back to Boston to say how much he loved it there, etc, etc, etc.  Where ever the wind blows... Johnny goes.

Johnny Damon endorsed Donald Trump today.  I guess after Paul O'Neill did it, Johnny felt the need to let everyone know that he's still around too.

According to the New York Daily News:

"... it's safe to say Damon, the former Yankee and Red Sox star, won't be pulling the voting lever for the Democratic presidential candidate.

'I want (Trump) for president,' Damon, 42, told the Daily News Wednesday. 'I'm a Trump fan ever since I met him seven or eight years ago. Everything he does, he does first-class — his hotels, his businesses, his golf courses. The issues all the other politicians failed to discuss, (Trump) is bringing us up to speed.'"

Why is this even important?

Go away Johnny... no one cares.

By the way, we will have a very big piece on Paul O'Neill endorsing Donald Trump soon.  Look for it here on BYB.

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