Thursday, March 3, 2016


Back at ya, Mikey!

I share similar sentiment to fellow BYB writer Mike O'Hara....I am dreading this Yankee season just a little bit. But let me be clear, it's not because I have lost faith in this team. I stand by these boys and will continue to bleed blue until the end of time. I know this team has the talent but I still have this nagging feeling inside of me.

Last month O'Hara wrote BIRD YOUR ENTHUSIASM and I can appreciate his progressive point of view. He is looking forward to the NEW New York Yankees. I can respect that. Greg Bird is to Mike O'Hara what Mark Teixeira is to me. I am a nostalgic person. As much as I am looking forward to the future and a young's hard to let go of the old familiar faces.

I sit back and think about all of the changes this team has had just in the last five years and I start to realize just how fast things can change. Growing up the Core Four was basically a group of baseball super heroes for me. Derek Jeter was like Captain America (Sorry David Wright, but this has nothing to do with you). He was the face of baseball, and I miss everything he brought to the Yankees.

Mariano Rivera was like Spiderman. The way he would throw out that cutter was like a shooting spider web. He never ceased to amaze both fans and players alike.

Jorge Posada was the Amazing Hulk. All of that raw emotion on the field is something I really miss. When he was angry you saw it and felt it through the television.

Andy Pettitte was Batman. I miss that stone cold stare he had when half of his face hid behind that glove. He was strong and intimidating, and man was he a gamer.

All of those guys are now gone. Mark Teixeira is not on that same level, but he is another sentimental chip I keep in my back pocket. I know that O'Hara does not believe that Tex will "bounce back" but you know what? I can't count him out! Will we get the Mark Teixeira of 2009 again? No, I don't expect that. Do I expect him to have a good, successful year though? YES.

He's no spring chicken anymore, and injuries have held him back but he still has the desire to play. If ANYONE thinks that Teixeira is not going to play his heart out and prove himself this year you are just plain crazy in my book. Any player turns it up in a contract year. He wants to make the Yankees think long and hard about letting him go. Even if they did, he still wants one last contract that will capture someone's eye that will want to take a chance on him and give him that last three or four year contract.

With Bird missing all of this year, at least he is going to give the Yankees a reason to give him that qualifying offer. Whether they do or not is hardly the point. If he can cast enough doubt that Bird may not be ready after missing a year and he plays well enough then the Yankees will have a lot to think about.

He has already said he wants to come back, read that HERE. How can you not appreciate that? The realist in me knows that he won't be coming back. However, the fan that I am hopes that he gives the Yankees something to think about and they question letting him walk away. It would be the best kind of drama for me to watch pan out.

As I sit and prepare myself for the long season ahead I realize that like O'Hara my enthusiasm has been curbed a little bit. The last thing I want to think about is Teixeira walking away at the end of the year and going to Houston, Oakland or god forbid Boston. Mark my words, if he leaves for Boston you will see me lose my mind.

--Jeana Bellezza, 
BYB Senior Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ 


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