Tuesday, March 22, 2016


A strange and obvious headline coming up. Captain Obvious strikes again... and by Captain Obvious, I mean Sweeny Murti.  DARN YOU SWEENY!!

Don't get me wrong, I love Sweeny, he's simply the best, but the headline and what followed seemed obivous to me... Hence, the headline More Than Anything, Yankees Need Ellsbury To Stay On Field


Sweeny writes:

"Ellsbury’s numbers across his last two full seasons, 2013-14 were good (.285/.342/.423) in 283 of possible 324 games. His OPS+ for that period was 111. And he stole bases at a 91-percent (91 for 100) success rate. Defensively, he stood out for his gap-to-gap ability, covering large chunks of ground with ease, and among the fastest in the game early last season according to StatCast.
The problem is keeping Ellsbury on the field.

Last year he played in only 111 games and was his best self in just a third of them, and his overall numbers were quite pedestrian (.257/.318/.345). This is not what the Yankees were thinking of when they locked in for $153 million for seven years...

Ellsbury holds a key that is a little more difficult to nail down. He has tools that can make him a two-way star, and there are those days when you see it. There just aren’t enough of them... Ellsbury can be the best player on this team if he is on the field. The Yankees need to see more of that."

And that's the problem.  Ellsbury is injury prone, be it on his own, or in a freak accident.  Even a few days ago I became frustrated when he was hit on the wrist with a pitch.  It's unfortunate, and it happens in baseball... but it seems to happen to Ellsbury a helluva lot.

No question, if Jacoby is healthy, he can be dominant.  But there have only been flashes of that since he's been in pinstripes.

In closing, this defines it.  A Red Sox fan giving me, a Yankee fan, alittle jazz about Ellsbury after we wrote that Jacoby was a magnet for injury:
Red Sox Nation's even glad he's gone because of his injury record.

Over all, a nice piece by Sweeny Murti.  He's one of the best at what he does.

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