Thursday, March 24, 2016


There's no reason for Alex Rodriguez to NOT chase the all time home run record.  When you're a baseball player, it isn't necessarily about personal achievements. But when a record is starring you in the face, you'd be a fool to NOT want to try and get there.

I've been the biggest critic of Alex Rodriguez for years.  I find the guy arrogant, selfish, an ego maniac and stupid.  He broke my kid's heart when it was revealed that he was a PEDs user and lied to everyone again.  If there is anyone that I would steer my kids away from as far as role models are concerned... it's Alex Rodriguez.

But I also believe in forgiveness.  I also learned that what Alex does or doesn't do isn't really my problem or concern.  Sure, I can have an opinion about it, but I'm here to raise my kids, teach them values and hope they latch on. Alex doesn't raise my kids. Alex isn't a family member.

The media is a silly place.  Columnists seem to think that their opinion matters so matter-of-factly (is that even a word?), that everyone should listen.  They are driven by their own ego so to speak.  I was taken back by Bob Klapisch today.  He wrote a piece titled A-Rod should take the high road and not chase homer mark. The piece is well done, but off the mark... and I say that only because this is a guy that was a former baseball player himself.  I am pretty positive Klapisch had goals, he had dreams in baseball... and now he's got the nerve to suggest that someone else in the game, someone very talented, with an incredible work ethic, should NOT pursue a goal... all because he's a liar and a cheat.  While I get it... I really don't.

Klapisch writes:

"...he’s already made up his mind to quit. Rodriguez later tempered his remarks, insisting he was only speaking hypothetically. But still.

Good for A-Rod. Good for any ballplayer who knows when he’s had enough — assuming he keeps his word. Because what happens if Rodriguez has two monster years and creeps to within say, 10-15 homers of Bonds instead of 25-30? What if A-Rod is so close to the Holy Grail that he’d need just a one-season commitment from, say, the Marlins, to rewrite the record books?

That’s when we’ll find out if Rodriguez is truly a decent guy. He’s been acting the part since returning from a one-year suspension for PEDs in 2014, but the real test will be if he chooses family over the HR record. Then we’ll know for sure Rodriguez learned his lesson, that the cosmos are actually not about him."

But what the hell is Klapisch suggesting? Does he really have the nerve to suggest that if ARod say falls 2 shy of the all time home run record, he STILL should hang it up because that would cement him being DECENT?  Otherwise what... he's a scumbag? Really? Klapisch is the judge? It's stupid. Here's why...

You don't walk away from your goals, you embrace them. That's a human trait.  Alex's family knows he's a baseball guy, respected by some, hated by others, and he's still a physically fit, a strong athlete that plays the game hard when he's out there.  If Barry Bonds has 762, and Alex Rodriguez ends the 2017 season at 760 for example,  Klapsich has the balls to suggest that Alex should do the right thing and "go home and be a dad", because that's what Alex said he'd do. Stop!  Alex would come back in 2018 to break the all  time home run record. That's what he'd do, there's NOTHING wrong with that and it doesn't make a person more or less DECENT if he does.  Give me a break, Bob. That's disappointing.

I guess Bonds is in the clear. The All-Time record currently stands with Bonds, a player who's head was much, much bigger during his playing day.  I don't mean with ego, I mean with whatever he was allegedly putting into his body. Bonds was connected to BALCO, under a shadow of PEDs accusations too.  Anyone who thinks he wasn't using is sadly mistaken.  But ALEX, HE'S THE ONE THAT NEEDS TO WALK AWAY AND LET THE RECORD STAND WITH BONDS. Less of 2 evils Bob, Really? Why is that OK?

Look, I am not a big fan of Alex Rodriguez.  But I do appreciate drive and goals.  If a goal is looking me in the face, and I trust I can beat that record... I do it.  Alex is a competitor, he'll do it too.  And it will not make him less decent if he needs the 2018 season to do it.  His family understands that and Klapisch should not be the moral authority of what's right or wrong in ARod's life.

Sure, Alex lied, Alex cheated, but Alex is doing his best to be a better person.  2015 was good for Alex and now we move forward.  How long are we going to continue to kick a guy who clearly understands he royally blew it.  Now he has a chance to do what he signed with the Yankees to do, break the all-time home run record.  And you know what? He should go for it!  THAT'S WHY HE'S THERE!

Now, I'll get hate mail for this, and you know what? I get that.  But let's not forget about pushing ones self to the next level.  We have all achieved goals in our own lives. I've done it in my own life at one point or another.  Alex is going to do that.  And trust me... if he's close to breaking the record at the end of the 2017 season and DOESN'T reach it... any fool knows he'll negotiate a deal somewhere to break that record in 2018.  Why? A few reasons.  Ego is a bitch... but goals are important in a person's life too.

Ever want to be at the top of the mountain?  Yeah... me too.

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