Saturday, March 26, 2016


We're all rooting for Rob Refsnyder to stay with the Yankees this season and be the back up third baseman, maybe play alittle 2nd base... whatever.  I mean for us fans, the goal is to have another youth member up in the Bigs, learn and eventually take the reigns.

But yesterday's freak play at 3rd base with Refsnyder taking one in the face, while we all know was just an accident, and maybe a misplay, it won't matter.  It will be my prediction that the Yankees will move into frantic mode and try to find a "better" back up 3rd base option.  I sure hope not.

If you don't know what I'm talking about... watch this:

The New York Daily News wrote this:

"Rob Refsnyder has done enough to warrant serious consideration for the final utility infield spot on the Yankees’ roster, but the rookie reminded everybody on Friday that he is still inexperienced at third base.

With the Yankees leading the Orioles by two runs in the bottom of the 10th, Refsnyder committed a throwing error to start the inning. Orioles right fielder Dariel Alvarez followed with a grounder to third, a ball that took a strange hop and glanced off Refsnyder’s face, cutting the infielder near his mouth."

Now, if anyone knows anything about Refsnyder and his drive... that's a fresh wound and he will want to take that field today. Love that.  But no question, knowing the Yankees as well as I do, they are wondering what else is out there now more than ever.  And even if they act like things are fine with Ref publicly... you know them... they are always looking for an upgrade.

Enjoy this beautiful Saturday. Oh yeah, and Happy Birthday Rob!

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