Sunday, February 28, 2016


Yasiel Puig may be a five-tool player, but that doesn’t mean he always has the best judgment.

The Dodgers outfielder—who was benched last year for his chronic tardiness—now wants to purchase a helicopter to get to Dodger Stadium on time. 

The Los Angeles Times follows up with Alex Vega, a Miami garage owner who specializes in custom cars and who considers Puig a loyal client. "His plan is to buy one," Vega told the Times.

Interesting side note: Vega is also responsible for whatever the hell Yoenis Cespedes was driving to Spring Training earlier this week.
There’s just one small snag of course—Dodger Stadium doesn’t have a landing pad and flying aircraft near stadiums is against FAA regulations. 

If you follow Puig on Instagram, you might not be shocked by the Cuban sensation’s sudden interesting in choppers (and his affinity for video games). He spent some of his offseason taking helicopter tours around Los Angeles. But really, you can’t find any other way to get to the stadium on time? 

Of course at this point, Puig’s pie-in-the-sky dream of flying to Dodger Stadium is now a comedy routine with him and front office staff, but his maturity on the field is a serious concern for the club and fans. This helicopter request only adds to the examples of Puig not being mentally focused for his on-field duties.

Puig is still waiting for a decision from Commissioner Rob Manfred for his alleged involvement in a dust up at a Miami bar last November where he pushed his sister and the outfielder is looking to rebound from a disappointing season that mostly saw him on the injured list. 

But Puig’s return to the Dodgers clubhouse this Spring is giving some hope—he’s physically in top shape—the Dodgers wanted him to lose some of the bulk, which he did—and he’s starting to work more with his former translator who could be a positive influence on his behavior. Now Puig is young and he should enjoy his star status, but really, can we not spend money on a helicopter and just focus on having a successful season? 

--Alexis Garcia, BYB's "Eye on MLB" Columnist &
Los Angeles Dodger fan
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