Wednesday, February 10, 2016


 Talk to the hand. My writer has put up with enough abuse.

Bleeding Yankee Blue is not looking to change the world.  Bleeding Yankee Blue is a bunch of amateur writers and die hard baseball fans, mostly Yankee fans, and we have opinions just like you.  We write daily, for free, and we do it because we have a passion for writing and for the Yankees.  That's it! There is no secret formula.  There is nothing earth shattering here. We do it because we love it and you found us and shared us and it's a wonderful ride. It's because of you that we're popular.

I received this comment today in a post BYB writer Erica Morales wrote (titled DON'T EVER CALL MY FEMALE WRITER A 'FEMINAZI' ON DOMESTIC ABUSE!)

"If by asking if I need a hobby you think that I should stop commenting on your articles, perhaps you are right. I notice from the pitiful lack of reader feedback that pretty much everyone else has."

That's right, I have been monitoring this young man for a while now, trying to be courteous to all comments and he just doesn't seem to understand what we do here.  So yes, I told him to get a hobby.  Nothing wrong with that, I'll protect my writers... Erica has an opinion and nothing wrong with any of that.  We all have opinions. This individual can have opinions as well, but it's the hate that I will never understand.  But there's more to it.  I was confused by his comment about "pitiful lack of reader feedback".  Does anyone know what he's talking about?

There are just some... There are literally thousands of banter between readers and us.
BYB was created and RUNS on reader feedback.  Facebook and Twitter are our vehicles.  You've all talked to me and my writers regularly here.  We hide behind nothing.  Am I wrong???

This guy kicked the cat too many times.  He's a loser at this point and he doesn't care to actually learn about the fandom of BYB and so, he's blocked and he deserves to be.

Hate always loses.  You're too close to it, Chump... you don't see it.  Step back, see what we created. Actually read... actually see the comments on the social networks... it's called communication.  It's fascinating.

For all of you. I'm sorry.  I'm sorry you have to see these types of people on our pages and on some occasions these people try to insert themselves in our playground daily.  We are a family here.  We will invite anyone in, EVEN IF YOU HAVE DIFFERENT OPINIONS.  But I won't sit back and allow morons to act like they are the authority.  Humanity doesn't work that way.

To our fans. We love you.  Thanks for the banter.  Thanks for understanding what we do.  Most importantly... thanks for being so respectful. 

We're trying.

Thank you for your loyalty to Bleeding Yankee Blue.
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