Monday, February 29, 2016


Unusual title, but let me get right to the point.  Nathan Eovaldi is nursing a minor groin injury.  Brett Gardner is still dealing with wrist pain from 4 months ago and Chasen Shreve took a comebacker today. That's always scary.

According to Lohud:

"...Here’s Girardi discussing Nathan Eovaldi‘s sore left groin: 'I’m not concerned about’s more of just saying, you can (give it time) in spring training, do it. I’m not too concerned. Now, if he comes out and has a problem when he throws a bullpen, then I’ll (be concerned), but he’s done everything'...

 Indoor batting practice has been pushed back a day for Brett Gardner. He was supposed to hit inside tomorrow, but Girardi wants tomorrow to be a full day off for everyone... Gardner said he felt fine doing defensive drills today. 'One day is not going to make a difference,' Girardi said. 'It’s supposed to be an off day for everyone; I want it to be an off day.'

Chasen Shreve was hit in the back with a line drive in batting practice today. Aaron Hicks hit the ball."

Bottom line, Eovaldi will be fine.  I worry about Gardner a bit.  4 months and a lingering wrist injury bugs me.  As far as Shreve, Yankee personnel say he's OK.  Let's go with that.

Just some updates to keep you fed ladies and gentlemen.  Oh yeah and some news. First Spring training game comes Wednesday against the Tigers.  Luis Severino on the mound.  Baseball is finally here!

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