Friday, February 19, 2016


Quick and important note.  I do my best as "boss" of BYB to let my writers know how special they are.  They write a lot and they write for free... for you... and for them so they can expand their minds, grow as individuals and develop a craft not utilized enough in this world.  It's the power of the pen.

Opinions are wonderful.  A point of view, a concept, an analysis are terrific tools.  All of my writers have them. All of my writers are outstanding... and they are also outstanding folks. 

This is a shout out to one of our Bleeding Yankee Blue writers who have been with me pretty close to the beginning of BYB.  She was my editor and asked me for a shot at writing.  She got that shot.  She's now a superstar. 

Happy Birthday to BYB Senior writer Jeana Bellezza.  You never complain. You always make deadline and you are fully engaged with not only the team, but the readers and the craft and you're freaking KILLING IT!

Enjoy your day.  Your parents should be proud.  I know I am.

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