Wednesday, February 17, 2016


That quote above comes from BYB reader, Yankee fan and good guy Travis. He wrote that to me the other night when we posted: I DON'T FEEL COMFORTABLE CALLING CASTRO, 'MR. UTILITY' 

"And speaking of Refsnyder, I'm getting really sick of hearing about him. Where does this notion that the Steinbrenners are high on him come from? He has an average bat and so-so defense, and it's clear the team has little confidence in him as a long-term player."

Here's the reality. You can't NOT talk about Rob Refsnyder.  He's relevant whether you want to believe it or not.  Will he be a superstar on the Yankees or in MLB in the future? Who knows... but the Yankees have him, and he will be part of the team if they don't trade him off first. has a good piece about Ref where he speaks about Starlin Castro:

"...he is looking forward to having a chance to watch the veteran infielder up close this spring.

'It doesn't really change how I go about my business,' Refsnyder said on Wednesday. 'Obviously Starlin is a great addition for the Yankees. He's young and I'm looking forward to learning from him, bouncing ideas off of him. He's got a great swing.'"

If anything, you gotta appreciate Ref.  He will use the Castro trade as a learning tool. He will keep working hard. Is he hurt about not being handed the 2nd base job? Maybe, but it's not his to have.  He needs to earn it and that's the message he's offering to the fans.  Gotta respect that.

And now there is even chatter about maybe considering Ref at 3rd base to give Chase Headley alittle breather.  As you know, fans are riding Headley, screaming that his contract is too long and he is "breaking down", whatever that means. writes of a 3rd base / Refsnyder marriage:

"...would it make sense for Refsnyder to start learning third, if only on a limited basis, this spring? With utility man Dustin Ackleywho Refsnyder has been working with this spring—also in the mix at second base, there's a logjam on the right side of the field while third is thin."

Look, whatever the case, call him average or below average, it really doesn't matter. Rob Refsnyder is topical.  Be sick of him all you want. The Yankees like him and are looking for him to improve.  Maybe he will... maybe he won't, but he's not going away.  Not now at least.

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  1. Either way we will be seeing him, and the rest of the crew, on the field soon. #Yankees


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