Friday, February 19, 2016


When Yankee fans feel like they get the shaft or slighted, they get mad.  It's just the way it is because for years, the Yankees and Yankee fans just get whatever the hell we want.  Not anymore.  The Yankees are in a new spending mode.  No big Free Agents. Regular players.  Decent players through trades and counting our money to 2018 when we try to sway Bryce Harper.  That's it.

Recently there was chatter that Ike Davis was trying to decide between the New York Yankees and other teams to sign a minor league deal with.  The reality is the Yankees would have been the most logical fit because Ike's a first baseman and has major league experience and if Mark Teixeira got hurt... he'd be up quickly.

Especially because Mark gets hurt a lot, and Greg Bird is out all season because of surgery.  But Ike didn't choose the Yankees.  He chose the Rangers.  I wrote IKE DAVIS DOESN'T LIKE THE YANKEES THAT MUCH discussing that.

That angered fans and they had all different opinions about it.  Now look... there is something wrong with BYB comments through blogger.  I'm going to suggest folks use Disqus to make comments if they want to be seen.  I'm working on the issue, but I do not know if I can fix it.  So, in my effort to allow everyone to comment on BYB, I wanted to at least share the comments made about Ike Davis after he signed elsewhere.  Enjoy these... it's magical.

Joloman wrote:  "Scrub"

J.Engry wrote: "Disappointing.  He would have been utilized. No doubt he's slowed down, but in a pinch, he would have been useful and it would have cost us nothing."

FC Vinas wrote: "Good, We don't like him much either."

SD Law wrote: "Why waste money on someone who can't hit major league pitching?  Used to be a huge Ike Davis fan but he has had plenty of opportunities, and even in his huge Mets season his flaws were there. Better he's on the Rangers."

Is this an earth shattering post? Nope. But in the celebration and effort of communication between fans and Bleeding Yankee Blue, I will do my best to make sure everyone's voice is heard here, as long as you're not hateful!

Happy Friday!

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