Friday, February 26, 2016


Well look... you didn't want us to keep you hanging... did you?

The other day we put out a piece titled BYB, WRITER'S BLOCK & MONKEY UNDERPANTS.
There was silly dialog between BYB writer's Jeana Bellezza and Erica Morales and writer's block, something that pretty much happens to every writer at some point.  It sucks, especially if you're on deadline... something that BYB writers typical are on. Here's that dialog again:
Jeana: "Writer's Block.....Why can't I say what I really want to say? So much for trying to get ahead tonight."

Erica: "You too? I've got two pieces to write by tomorrow night and NADA!  MONKEY MONKEY UNDERPANTS!"

Jeana: "UGH. I am trying to get this done early so I can not be scrambling...why can't things just go the way I want them to for ONCE? MONKEY MONKEY UNDERPANTS!"
Well, thanks to Jeana, now we know where "Monkey Underpants" comes from. Here it is:

Wow! OK then.

So yeah... that happened.  And that's your closure.  Now I did receive an email.

The email came from a female BYB reader who was offended by the picture I chose of a woman's butt wearing Monkey underpants and she said she was alittle offended by it.   Hmm...

Hey Julie...

This better?

Enjoy your Friday everyone.

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