Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Much like when I really didn't see the point to report that Tommy Hunter was offered a contract by the Yankees that eventually fell through because the Yanks were concerned about Hunter's injury history, (Read THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY...), do I really care that the Yankees also reached out to Juan Uribe too? Not really. But hey, these are the Yankees, and in New York where I send much of my adult life, every little nugget, even irrelevant ones after the fact need to be reported. Silly yes, but this is the world we live in.

Yes, according to several sources, and we'll use on this one, the New York Yankees had in fact offered Uribe a contract:
"The Yankees offered infielder Juan Uribe a minor-league deal before he took a one-year, $5-million pact from the Indians". The original report came from Joel Sherman of the New York Post.
And again, it's after the fact. This is important to a Yankee fan... WHY???

Sure, I guess you can make an argument that it's news.  I don't feel that way. Good Luck to Uribe.
Carry on.
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