Wednesday, February 17, 2016


The idea is brilliant, but it's an idea, nothing more.

Blogs do that a lot. There's nothing wrong with it.  That's how we get read.  Come up with a compelling idea or argument and fans line up to read it.  You gotta applaud that.

I've been getting notes and emails from fans asking if the idea of Nick Swisher coming back to the Yankees as a first baseman back up is in the cards, especially because Ike Davis chose a minor league deal with the Rangers instead of the Yankees and Greg Bird is on the shelf.  No question Mark Teixeira will get hurt... he always does.  And so, when Bronx Pinstripes wrote A Nick Swisher Reunion.

"The Atlanta Braves are in rebuild mode and looking forward to contending with a new stadium. Swisher isn’t expected to start and is in the final year of his contract... As brittle as the Yanks outfield and first base situation is, a Swisher reunion may be a cost effective option."

I just don't see it ladies and gentlemen.  He's a Brave with a $15 million contract, 5 of which the Indians have to pay for.  Now you have to what... trade off someone to the Braves to get Swish, negotiate the money so you're not paying alot and then hope the guy can contribute? It's just not in the cards. 

Plus, this "Nick Swisher reunion" story happens every year.  Let's not forget, the Yankees were "possibly interested in Nick Swisher" last year.  Pinstripe Alley put that out.  How'd that work out?

Dustin Ackley is the Yankees back up first baseman.  I know it's not as sexy as you'd like... but it is what it is. 

Let's move on.


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