Thursday, February 4, 2016


Why didn't we think of this earlier? It makes a lot of sense. We haven't heard that the Yankees are talking to Juan Uribe but given all of the different ways they could use him I think they should! He's unsigned and Spring Training is right around the corner. Why not take a chance?

So, supposedly the Indians are trying to get him to sign as a regular third basemen and that would be a great gig for him. I also like the idea of him playing in the Bronx though. Sure, he wouldn't get regular playing time but the Yankees could play him in a few different positions and it would allow Joe Girardi to give guys a day off when needed. There are more puzzle piece combinations here, and suddenly our bench becomes that much longer.

I hate to say it but inevitably Mark Teixeira is going to get hurt. Yes, even I can admit that. It has never been a matter of "if" but "when" with him so I am not expecting it to be any different this year. Sure, Dustin Ackley looks to be the likely backup candidate for the position but Girardi could also make a few other moves.

Maybe the Yankees should give Teixeira a few extra days this year just to help keep him healthy. In this case the Yankees could plug in Ackley or they could use Brian McCann in a pinch. They could also move Headley to first instead and plug in a backup at third base.

Chase Headley was overworked last year. He played too much and that had to contribute to all of those errors and general sloppiness. Right now the Yankees would like to have an option to plug Starlin Castro in at third, but I am not sold here. He is still adjusting to second it fair to expect him to learn ANOTHER position and play it with confidence? I just don't think that is in anyone's best interest here. In this case, Juan Uribe can give Headley a day off.

No offense to Ackley, but he has a weaker bat and his defense isn't the best. Uribe may be older but he is still a reliable defender and he could be plugged in to second base, third or even shortstop in an emergency. He also had 14 home runs last season which is more than Ackley's 10.

Uribe is an interesting option for the Yankees. Admittedly, he wasn't on the radar before but now he is. He makes sense for a lot of different reasons and he is a positive clubhouse presence which you can never have too much of. There is a short time to make a move here, so if the Yankees are interested the clock is ticking.

Will the Yankees sign Uribe? Who knows.....we'll see.

--Jeana Bellezza, 
BYB Senior Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ 


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