Friday, February 12, 2016


There's alot of retread here, but important because it's from Brian Cashman directly.

When we last left you, Ike Davis was deciding between the Yankees and other teams about a minor league contract.  We wrote that in IKE DAVIS IN YANKEE PINSTRIPES... and how, for the right price, it makes sense because no one on this earth believes Mark Teixeira can stay healthy for a full season. I feel as though the Yankees could and should make this deal.  Brian Cashman has sounded off about it now.  Newsday writes:

" Davis, who looked like a star in the making a few short years ago, has to decide if he is willing to sign a minor-league deal with the Yankees and spend the summer at Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre waiting for Mark Teixeira to get hurt.

'We’ve talked to Ike Davis,' Cashman said. 'That’s all I can tell you, really. We’ve talked to a lot of people. Again, in terms of the Greg Bird scenario, we clearly have a need for an everyday first baseman at Scranton. So anybody that we feel is of quality and can fit that bill and is interested and willing to play in Scranton, then we’re going to have those conversations with a number of different people. But we have talked to Ike as well.'”
And that's really where it's at.

Cashman also spoke about Alex Rodriguez and the idea of him playing first.  He pretty much confirmed his position days are over:

"'Stop asking Alex questions,' Cashman said. 'He’s not playing any position anymore. I think I put that exclamation point down in-season last year. He’s not playing anywhere. He’s a DH. He’s a very productive DH.'"
So  there you have it... not alot, but alittle more confirmation on this cold Friday morning in the north East.

Stay warm... 6 days until the Yankees have their pitchers and catchers officially report. I can't wait.

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