Monday, February 15, 2016


You gotta wonder what the real plan for Starlin Castro will be. Will the Yankees plan on actually using Castro as their starting second baseman or if they will be moving the guy around the infield with a breaking down Chase Headley and more.

Here's my thinking... and remember, I over think! Let's not forget we have Rob Refsnyder who's a second baseman and someone the Steinbrenners are very high on.  Not to mention, Dustin Ackley who will most likely play more second base than Ref, and probably first base too, because we know  Mark Teixeira will most likely to get hurt.

Couple my "overthinking" mind, my scenerios above and me doing my daily Yankee reading and came across a piece in HNGN and Thomas Carannate writes:

"... rumors suggest he could be used at other infield positions to provide rest for other players. Does this mean Castro can develop into a successful utility player for the Yanks?

Previous rumors touched upon Castro becoming Chase Headley's backup at third base, which is still under consideration as spring training approaches, but the team is also hoping to give him some time at his old position.

General manager Brian Cashman told George A. King III of the New York Post yesterday that there'd be "no problem" if Castro had to play short because "he has played the left side of the infield." This scenario would give Didi Gregorius some days off."

Now look, having Castro come in and do whatever we need from him is great and you gotta admire and appreciate a player like that. But, something has to be said about consistency at a position, and when a new player comes to the Yankees, the pressure is already enormous.  Now you're gonna ask this guy to come in and move around all season? This is the stuff I worry about. 

Plus, let's not get it twisted, if you wanted utility like Cashman has suggested, what the hell did you trade away Brendan Ryan for? Ryan can easily fit any role you need at any time, including second base if Castro needed a rest.

Look, in the end, Castro will be a team player because the guy's coming to New York and he's excited.  But I want the guy to get his at bats and play second base... A LOT! That's why he's there. I want him to get familiar with Didi Gregorius, learn the DP solid and learn the Bronx and the field. Bottom line, I want an unstoppable infield.

Will there be a day when he needs to man third to give Headley a rest? Damn right, but we signed Headley to be our 3rd baseman... he gotta do the job! And as far as I'm concerned... Castro's our second baseman! Come on, Cashman!

Look... Spring Training will hash all this stuff out.  I just hope the Yankees aren't foolish here and that "rumors" about several positions for Castro are just that... rumors.

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