Monday, February 1, 2016


It's a shame when injury happens.  You remember when the Yankees signed Ty Hensley, and after a hip surgery and then the shocking Tommy John surgery last year, he is now finally back on the hill and getting ready for 2016.  Side note: Bleeding Yankee Blue will get you an update on Ty soon. I will reach out to the family exclusively for all of you... but I digress...

The point is, it was a long, long road for Ty, but the bottom line is injury DOES happen in sports and it's the way it goes. No one likes it, but you hope and pray that recover happens and the player, whomever it is, can get back to normal and role with success for themselves and their team.  Enter... Greg Bird.

Word broke today that Greg Bird will be out for the entire season.  Many have reported this disturbing news... we'll go with ESPN's report for now:

"Greg Bird will have right shoulder surgery Tuesday and will miss the entire 2016 season.
The Yankees said Monday that Bird's torn labrum will be repaired by Dr. David Altchek at The Hospital for Special Surgery. The team said the injury is a reoccurrence of one originally sustained last May."

Now the Yankees will couch this Bird injury as them being fully aware that this was a reoccurence of an injury and who really knows what the truth is here. One thing you need to wonder now is what happens if Mark Teixeira gets hurt this season because, Lord knows, he will.  Much has been talked about Alex Rodriguez getting some time in at first base, but I just don't see it happening.  Tex could be resigned for an extra year I guess, but I strongly doubt that as well... as much as BYB senior writer Jeana Bellezza would love that.

Who knows, maybe the Yankees could look for a first baseman back up option somewhere, be it the minors or from within their major league roster. Whatever the case, we do know this... the Birdman is out and that's just the nature of athletes.

Let's not get crazy... the world is not falling.

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