Sunday, February 7, 2016


I wanted Peyton Manning to win.  I wanted him to win for him, but more than that, I wanted Cam Newton to lose.  I don't care for the show players put on when they think they're just too good. Cam did  that all season long. He needed to be humbled.  He needed to feel the sting of a big loss.  And you know what?

He's young, he'll have years to win.  Tonight, the Super Bowl needed to go to a good ol' boy and his Bronco crew.  That's just how I felt about the game.  No, I don't care about football like... at all. I honestly don't.  But I DO like it when the unexpected happens in the Super Bowl.  Manning won.  Good for him!  Cam, nice try, but there is no question you are talented.  I have no doubt there's a Super Bowl ring or 2 in your future.

The game was good, not great, but good.  And all the while I was thinking about Spring Training. Because when the big game ends, baseball begins.  I was thinking about what CC Sabathia is going to offer this year.  I can't wait to see Ardolis Chapman in pinstripes...same with Starlin Castro.  I hope to see Mark Teixeira healthy even though he probably won't be. Look,  I just want the Yanks to do well this season.  I want them to do great... kind of like the way the Half time show went tonight... great!

I was surprised at the social media blasting the half time show. Ridiculous.
"It was horrible", they said.  "Worst one ever" I read.  What the hell were you expecting?  They picked 3 top recording artists in the industry to sing for 12 minutes in front of 100 million people.  Who did you want? Springsteen?  Bocelli? Can't folks just relax and enjoy some entertainment? Bruno Mars is a top notch performer.  Chris Martin, is damn talented.

People hate Coldplay... I guess because it's Coldplay, but why is that a bad thing?  Beyonce? IT'S FREAKING BEYONCE! I guess you wanted alittle acoustic from Pete Yorn and Paul Simon?  You want boring? That's boring. Honestly, I have no idea why everyone was complaining.

The best part tonight? The end.  Baseball is now here ladies and gentlemen.  There is going to be another season of baseball, not only in Yankeeland, but for me personally with my kids.  It's a great season.  I get the teach as a coach.  I get to watch, as a Yankee fan.  And the weather's nice, so I'll catch a few games at the stadium, but before that, I'll catch a few innings here and there as the Yankees nail down their roster in Tampa in just a few weeks.  And you know what? That's where I'm at my best.  That's where I'm at peace the most.

Football is a great sport, but it's just not MY sport... and that's OK.   Baseball... that's where it's at for me.  And you know what?  It's finally here.  When the Big game ends... baseball begins.  It seemed like forever to get here... but it's here.

Thank the good Lord for that.

Congrats to Peyton and the Broncos.  A job well done.

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  1. Thank God it's " Officially " baseball season! For me it's Year round! # pinstripepride!!!!


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