Tuesday, January 12, 2016


The Hall of Fame vote continues to make me lose it.  This year’s class UNBELIEVABLY deserves their trip to Cooperstown.

The sweetest swing I’ve ever seen in Ken Griffey Jr., and the best hitting catcher ever to play the game in Mike Piazza.  Make no mistake these two men were no brainers.

What really gets me fired up is to see that Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa get 7 and 12 percent respectively.  Do these guys deserve to be in the Hall?  I’m not sure they do.

Even without PEDs I’m not certain they are worthy, especially Sosa.  But what they symbolize is the class of players who will NEVER be inducted and may actually have the numbers worthy of the honor.

I am IN NO WAY a Bud Selig fan.  In fact, I deplore the man for what he did to the game.  He is more at fault for the ills in baseball than anyone in recent memory…and that includes Pete Rose, Barry Bonds and the like.

Bud FLAT OUT used McGwire and Sosa to bring the money back to baseball after the 1994 greed driven stoppage in play.  He and his regime, which includes Baseball Writers make no mistake, KNEW that the sluggers weren’t playing clean.  They KNEW and did NOTHING!  They touted their monster dingers and road the wave of prime time popularity to the bank.  Mark, Sammy, Barry, Alex and so on are now left holding the smoking guns while Bud left claiming he CLEANED UP THE GAME.  Sorry gang, Bud is a criminal in my eyes.  He is corrupt and the hypocrite of all-time hypocrites.  That is a FACT.

The Hall of Fame is great for some.  Piazza and Junior are wonderful additions.  I wish I could just focus on 2 amazing players getting their just due…but I can’t.

I’m not saying that the juiced up players whom KNOWING took PEDs are somehow the victims…but REAL crooks are vilifying them if you ask me.  These players were USED to SAVE baseball from becoming like the NHL in the early 2000s…ya know when the games were on the Outdoor Network.

 And then, like mutts that roll over on friends to avoid jail time, Bud and his regime played dumb about the drug use.  The Black Sox of 1919 have more credibility in my opinion.

The Hall of Fame should have a special wing built on it called the BUD SELIG PED SECTION.

I want to congratulate Ken Griffey Jr. and Mike Piazza.  Two class acts and All-Time Greats during a time when Villains Were Saving Baseball on and off the field.

** Here one for Bud Selig, aka Public Enemy #1 **


--Mike O'Hara Senior "Features" Writer
Twitter: @mikeyoh21

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