Monday, January 18, 2016


Someone emailed me and asked why BYB didn't report on Chris Davis resigning with the Orioles or Ian Kennedy signing his deal with Kansas City.  Hey, I guess it means you guys are reading...

I blew it... kind of.  I mean look, It's my feeling that Yoenis Cespedes is a bigger signing and story than Davis and Kennedy and to be perfectly honest with you, my plan was to report on both, because sometimes when a big deal like Davis drops, some new suitor jumps right in to get the other guy.  In this case Cespedes. I thought it was going to be the Mets and I guess it still could be, but nothing yet.

Yes, Chris Davis signed a $161 million deal with the Orioles, but there is no question that the relationship between Buck Showalter and he will be alittle strained.  That being said, now there is word from Peter Gammons that the Houston Astros could be in on Cespedes:
Now yes, I don't take anything that Gammons says seriously anymore. I'm not a fan. Its over, but that was a provocative tweet and not alot of folks have come out with that one, and so, I'll give him that.

If there's movement on Cespedes, we will tell you.

See... I can be alittle nice to Gammons...

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