Friday, January 8, 2016


This winter the Yankees acquired 25-year-old, three-time all-star, Starlin Castro, to play second base. And he seems legitimately eager to play. Starlin started with the Cubs in 2010. He made a name for himself in his first at bat by hitting a homer. He's young, and incredibly talented, and prepared to play (and win) in the Bronx.

Starlin has had an impressive career with the Cubs. He's hit .281 over his first six years in the majors. He had the opportunity to play with an organization that has made impressive strides, including a trip to the post season. But now he's on to another stage. New York City.

I'm bias. To me, playing in the Bronx is probably the biggest setting in baseball, aside from the World Series. Fans here are passionate. We look for guys who are just as passionate about playing here are we are about having them. So far, Starlin has been that guy.

Since coming over to the Yankees, Starlin has shown that he is completely on board, even while showing respect to the Cubs. In a piece in The Players Tribune, Starlin writes
"... I want to help the Yankees win. That's what I'm here to do, When I learned that I was being traded, it was bitter sweet. I thought of all the things that I would miss: From amazing teammates like Anthony Rizzo, to Wrigley and its fans, to all of the ways that Chicago has become my home since I was 20. But I am also at the stage of my career where I just want to win. Period. So, to be traded to a team with a winning tradition like the Yankees - it's perfect. I couldn't be happier to be playing in New York."
I get it, and I respect it. Chicago is where he made his debut. It was where he made a name for himself. And he's at peace with moving on. He's on a chase for the win. It's what everyone wants from their career. A World Series win. He also interviewed with Meredith Marakovits.
Starlin Castro tells Meredith Marakovits about his transition ...
Starlin Castro tells Meredith Marakovits about his transition from the Chicago Cubs to the New York Yankees.
Posted by YES Network on Thursday, December 17, 2015

He's getting ready for Yankees baseball. Check it out.

He's passionate. About baseball, his career, and winning. That passion leads to dedication and drive. It leads to players pushing themselves harder; playing harder and bring the team further. It's exactly what the team needs. Drive. A mix of veterans and youth, and a drive to keep them motivated. And I have got to say, I'm excited to see what how he contributes to the team.

--Erica Morales 
BYB Senior Writer 
Twitter: @e_morales1804

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