Tuesday, January 26, 2016


I'm not a hater, so this isn't going to be some type of long rant, threatening a columnist because he has an opinion.  David Lennon of Newsday is very, very good.  He's just not looking big picture here and I am very confused as to why.

Apparently David Lennon admires the New York Mets for retiring Mike Piazza's number and applauds them for only retiring 4 players numbers in their short history.  The Yankees on the other hand he takes issue with... and I can only imagine he is fully aware of the Yankees history and the length of time they have been on this planet compared to the Mets.  I think he just wants to get a rise out of guys like me.  Well... he did it.... DAMN YOU LENNON!  Here's what Lennon tweeted:
And Yes Mets fans, I understand Lennon has taken no direct crack at the Yankees... but we know who he's talking about.

Anyway...Confused? Me too.

The New York Mets are a relatively new club in baseball and by that I mean that they came to life officially in 1962.

The Yankees? They became a team in 1901 and through it all, they have had 27 championships with some pretty significant and great players.  In comparison, what do the Mets have? Tom Seaver, Gil Hodges and Casey Stengel and a bunch of decent players and a 1969 and 1986 championship.

So what's the argument Mr. Lennon? That the Mets are better because they don't pull the trigger every time a Mets player has a good run? Babe Ruth was special. Ron Guidry was too.  Jorge Posada was the part of many World Championships... Joe Torre managed great teams.  All the retired numbers of Yankee players have very important stories in our history. Not only that, when you see their numbers, YOU KNOW WHO THE PLAYER WAS. There's no debate... and you know what? That's what makes them great and them worthy of having their number retired.

Notice #2 in there.  It's coming. The point is, the Yankees history is much longer and much more significant, and not the mention, the franchise is more storied with great championships.  That's the bottom line.  It's so simple!

I applaud the Mets for retiring Piazza's number.  I think that Seaver's number being retired is great too, but the Yankees are a money maker and trust me when I tell you, after Derek Jeter, it's gonna be a long, long time before more Yankee numbers are retired.  That's why they are awarding plaques too.  That whole Yankee run in the late 90's cements it for a while.

Don't be a hater Mr. Lennon.  That way the Yankees have handled it is brillant actually.  I love what they're doing, they are feeding their fan base.

Have you forgotten? Baseball's a business.  The Mets should learn from that.

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