Monday, January 25, 2016


Bleeding Yankee Blue hit 4 million clicks last week.  It was a monster accomplishment and I was so busy with my real life that I missed it.  I feel terrible about that.

If you're a writer or reader of Bleeding Yankee Blue, it actually kind of falls in line with our honesty and family friendly site.  Life takes over sometimes.  That's a fact.  When I finally pulled myself away from my family for 5 minutes, I realized we were hundreds of reads passed 4 million.  My heart sank, even though I was very excited to see it and I realized then, this isn't about me.  This is about you, and my writers and so, I asked Ike Dimitriadis to write our post FOUR MILLION!  You know what? I loved it. As a reader... I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. (Read FOUR MILLION!)

Ike sent me a note afterward.  He said " felt weird writing it, like maybe I should have let you write it."  Ha. If you don't know Ike, get to know him, because the guy is incredible, and just a good person all around.  All of our writers are, and the truth of the matter is, all of us deserve to write that post.  Many of us have been here with BYB for a long time.  Remember, this is free shop and that goes back to me and missing 4 million.  Hell, I didn't want to miss it, but I needed to do stuff and it was incredible  to know that my writers had my back.  For you, the readers.. you didn't miss a beat.

Here's the reality, I am thrilled that Bleeding Yankee Blue has over 4 million visits.  It means we're doing something incredible.  We are making points, expressing solid arguments, making you laugh, and maybe cry and we're presenting solid material to you daily.  And we do it with kids, and jobs and school plays and baseball and soccer and art classes and night school and all of that.  The job is tough, real tough, but we have each other's support and most importantly, we know you are waiting to read us, be it news, opinions, and perspective that you will definitely NOT get everywhere else.  

We're not robots, folks.  I am not going to curve my opinions because we want to be in the good graces of the New York Yankees.  Bottom line, we are fans and if we think the game sucked last night, we will give our opinions as to why.  Will that get my BYB on the pages of Probably not.  And I do not care.  We will remain honest and faithful to the Yankees fan base.  We will not sway.  We're freakin' gangsta.  We do what's right and what's needed.  Honest opinion.  Boom. Mind. Blown.

To our readers, you are continuing to blow me away every day.  You bring great conversations to us on Twitter, amazing comments on Facebook and you understand exactly what we're doing here.  We still get hate against us, but it's not needed. They do it because they're bored and want to push buttons.  Most of the mail I get is dumb.  Some is honest criticism.  Plenty of it is just looking for a fight.  Look, my take on that is simple... if you can't look at the full body of work by BYB, then you don't understand what we've built here.   In other words, each article we put out is not the only opinion we have.  

We have vast opinions about Jorge Posada or Aroldis Chapman or the great Pete Rose or Derek Jeter or even football guys like Odell Beckman lately.  The point is, we have really presented amazing WIDE RANGE perspective of personalities.  Bottom line, if you read one opinion here, and you want more, go to our BYB Search engine and type in that players name. No doubt, you'll find more opinions on our pages archives.  That's what makes us different.  We give you all sides.  The others will not do that. 

I want to thank you all for an incredible journey.  We have built a pretty wild operation here.  Thank you for reading, thanks for sharing, thanks for liking and thanks for being so in tune with the every day operations of BYB.  

Thanks for wearing us.  You have no idea how special that is to me.  Every once in a while I will see a person on the street wearing a Bleeding Yankee Blue shirt or hoodie.  And I just watch them.  No, I have never walked up to them freely too say anything because I find the whole thing to be uncomfortable.  But seeing it is wonderful and it means that you support us, and that's great, it really is.

To my writers.  You never stop, no matter what.  Trust me when I tell you, there are days I want to stop.  I'm tired.  I'm really, really tired. But you keep me motivated and I appreciate it.  Thanks for taking so much pride in your work.  That's for presenting wonderful work each week and always know that I support and back everything you do.  That's because you back me.

4 million clicks on BYB.  It's utterly bizarre, yet unbelievably wonderful.  

We rallied ladies and gentlemen.  We did what the established bloggers said we could never do.  We became relevant in an already crowded market, and we did it better in some regards finding the audience that wasn't fed... and we feed them often.  

I tip my cap to all of you... a job well done.

-Robert Casey, Chief & Writer for
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