Sunday, January 3, 2016


It's a small story but a good nugget and wanted to bring it to your attention.  Andrew Miller's "fine" with Aroldis Chapman on the Yanks.

According to, "It's possible Chapman will usurp Miller's ninth-inning role next season, despite Miller's excellent 2015 in the job.

'I signed with the Yankees to win and I'm not stupid, he's a heck of a pitcher,' Miller told NJ Advance Media in a phone interview Tuesday. 'This is what I signed up for. I signed up to play for the Yankees, to win championships, and if (general manager Brian) Cashman and the Stenbrenners and whoever is part of the decision-making process thinks this is part of the answer, and that this is the way to go about it, that's fine by me.'"

Good attitude.  Bottom line, we just don't know how the bridge will shake down, but there's no question that each pitcher needs a role. 

I assume it will be Dellin Betances as your 7th, Miller's your 8th and Chapman will close, but maybe that flips once in a while.  Or, if I was setting it up, I'd go lefty, righty, lefty, but we really gotta wait and see.

Anyway, nice nugget. Happy Sunday.

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