Sunday, January 3, 2016


It's a new year, and with it comes new beginnings.

This is just a quick note about my buddy Paul Chivari, a Chicago guy who shares the same love of baseball like me.  You remember Paul right? He's the guy who came up with the BYB jingle that is on the home page of our site.  Check it out below:

Anyway, Paul is the host of a new baseball podcast called Baseball Weekend Journal!  The plan is to get it up an running on SoundCloud right now, but no doubt, through the popularity of the show, which is bound to happen, it will grow. Gotta love progress!

Take some time out of your day today and check out Paul's first episode of Baseball Weekend Journal, and just so you know, I was totally flattered, I was his first guest on his first show! It was awesome.  You can listen to that episode below. Please, take a few minutes and check it out, not just for me, but to give support to a BYB family member in Paul Chivari. He's a great dude:

Give the guy a shout out and congratulations! He's on Twitter at @PaulChivari. A good guy, with a bright future in broadcasting!

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