Monday, December 21, 2015


Joe Girardi is concerned about the state of the Yankees rotation next season, and he's not hiding it. It's nice to hear Girardi admit what a lot of us are thinking. But, it is also nerve wrecking because if he is already nervous about it then that says a lot. It's too soon to panic, but if Girardi is this concerned already, it is time to solve any potential problems now instead of reacting later.

According to Girardi, pitching could be a big weakness for the Yankees next year read that HERE. Look, pitching wins games. A team could have an amazing offense, but that alone does not win games and right now, neither pitching or offense will save the Yankees. Last year we managed to escape the injury bug for the first half of the season but that quickly caught up to them in the second half. Right now, the Yankees just don't have a lot of depth.

Knowing that, we have to wonder if giving up Adam Warren was a good idea. Nothing against Starlin Castro, because I do like him. The team continues to get younger as the Yankees have wanted but time will tell if Castro can be a better second basemen then Stephen Drew or Rob Refsnyder. He has only played 38 games at second base, and while Girardi called him a "natural" there is still going to be some growing pains here. Knowing this, was it wise to give up Warren? He offered a lot of depth as a starter or a long reliever. It's a big gamble, and it is one that I hope pays off for the Yankees.

Going forward the Yankees know that they have Masahiro Tanaka....but how healthy is he? The Yankees really need their ace to give more than 25 starts a year and be effective. The concerns with his shoulder and elbow have had all fans holding their breath for the past two seasons. Tanaka has great stuff and he sets the tone for the pitching staff. If he continues to struggle with his health the strength of the rotation has already weakened.

What about Nathan Eovaldi? He was the most consistent starter the Yankees had before he went down with his own injury. We all hope he can pick up where he left off and continue to stay healthy. At the end of the season his absence from the rotation was sorely missed.

All eyes will be on CC Sabathia this season. He is coming off of his worst season as a starter, and any knee discomfort could spell disaster for him again. He is also coming back from rehab, and as a veteran on the staff his presence is crucial to the team. He will be pitching with a brace on his knee now, and hopefully that helps keep his knee healthy. He will have a lot to focus on both with his mental and physical health, and we are all cheering him on.

The Yankees will also be concerned with workload with both Michael Pineda and Luis Severino. If the Yankees continue to get few innings from their starters and have to limit innings for Severino and Pineda the bullpen will once again be taxed.

It's a big jigsaw puzzle that has yet to be pieced together.

The Yankees have a lot to figure out here. The rotation is a weak spot, and inconsistent. If the Yankees want to improve on their rotation issues they need to stop being cheap and stop crossing their fingers hoping that the same problems won't pop up again. So yes, like Girardi we are all hopeful, but at the end of the day I am also cynical. I can't help it....that will never change. Hopefully, the results will though and then I will gladly eat my words.


--Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ 

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