Sunday, December 6, 2015


When it was revealed that Jeff Samardzija signed his deal to pitch for the Giants, read SAD BUT TRUE for more, I came to the realization that the Yankees were most likely not gonna do much as far as starters and free agents go. Couple that with Pete Caldera's piece in the Bergen Record today (Thrifty Yankees won't splurge at Winter Meetings) and yup, the Yankees won't splurge.  He would know, Caldera covers the Yankees better than anyone.

"Yankees general manager Brian Cashman’s off-season marching orders can be summed up in two words: get creative."

And that's really where we're at. Being creative. Wonderful. 

I guess if Cash can figure out a way to bring in a starter via trade, an upgrade if you will, he'll do it.  I just don't know who though.  Caldera brings up Carlos Carrasco of the Indians as a possible idea. He's a starter that would need to be acquired through a trade.  Another one, and a guy I  have always liked is Scott Kazmir.  I know, you groaned just now. Hey, you know I love my lefties.

When he was working his way back to the majors a few years ago, I even suggested this lefty would be a huge asset in the Yankee pen.  Read WHY THE YANKEES ARMS RACE HAS STARTED from 2011. It was there that I wrote:

"...Scott Kazmir: Yes, I believe his starting days are over right now and I have this ridiculous idea to bring him into our pen to face a few lefties once in a while..."

Whatever the case, I love where Caldera's heads at and be sure to read his piece in the Record today, it's great.

But if the starter stuff doesn't work out, may I suggest bulking up that Yankee bullpen a bit.  May I suggest, the Yanks should try and snag Darren O'Day.

Now, word on the street is the Yankees are NOT even attached to him at all. You gotta wonder why. I say they should be.  According to Hardball Talk though, it may be too late:

"Dan Connolly of The Baltimore Sun reported earlier this weekend that the Nationals were the favorites to sign O'Day, but the O's must have stepped up their offer. The terms of the deal aren't known at this time, but O'Day was expected to net a four-year deal for around $30 million. He's put up a 1.92 ERA across 263 innings over the last four seasons with Baltimore."

If that's true, shame on Cash for not jumping in. A perfect opportunity to "get creative." 

And what about Aroldis Chapman?  The guy's a freaking stud. Well, Caldera brings up a great point about Chapman:

"Pursuing Chapman might only make sense if the Yankees were to utilize closer Andrew Miller in a separate trade for a controllable, young frontline starter."

Look, clearly my wheels are spinning.  In this off season of nothing, clearly we want something, but none of us know what the hell is going through Cashman's mind.  Yes, it's clear they want to keep the kids, and that's great... but we still need to upgrade somehow.  Who will it be?

P.S. Read Pete Caldera every day.  It's good for your brain...

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