Tuesday, December 8, 2015


With Jose Fernandez and Yankee rumors comes out stupid stuff.  That's just the nature of trade rumors.

Today Joe Frisaro of MLB had a tweet that went viral:
Now, I was kind of surprised by that and looked around the web, I made a few calls and asked around.

Not one person I spoke to, or 1 article I saw stated that the Yankees were willing to trade away Luis Severino.  In fact, what I did find was constant quotes and articles about Brian Cashman insisting his big three in Sevy, Aaron Judge and Greg Bird were in fact safe... for now.  Again, no one is off limits, but reading all I could, the Yankees were going to hold onto the big 3 for as long as they possibly could... unless something enormous fell in their lap.  Fernandez is not that guy, but he could be.

What I mean is, you don't flip a Severino for a Fernandez and throw in the rest of the farm system for 1 pitcher. That's insane! While Fernandez is great, he's not worth losing our future and I am pretty positive that's what Cashman is doing here... trying to preserve the farm.  One of the writers I spoke to today simply texted me back "That's ridiculous." I won't reveal the writer, but know he's knee deep in Yankeeland.  That being said, I felt better knowing that.

I'm also kind of surprised at Joe Frisaro.  He's a pretty accurate reporter, but he's just flat out wrong about this one.  At least, that's what I think.

And sure, tonight I could go home, have dinner and my twitter will blow up with readers saying "You were wrong, Severino was just traded and we have Fernandez!"  Sure, stranger things have happened... but I'm going with my gut and my research on this one.  It ain't happening.

Sorry. Had to get that off my chest.

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