Thursday, December 31, 2015


Stop the presses, because I think the baseball world has seen a new version of insanity. I like unconventional methods and I am a fan of the idea of "trying anything once" but the Dodgers new strategy is either going to make them look like a bunch of amateurs or revolutionary geniuses. Only time will tell....

The Dodgers just signed left hander Scott Kazmir, and we wrote about the idea of signing Kazmir earlier this week in A LEFTY PITCHER WE NEED TO CONSIDER. The Yankees are definitely lacking that second lefty and while we could start the season with CC Sabathia as out only left handed pitcher, the Dodgers could have a FIVE MAN ROTATION with nothing but lefties. Hey Dodgers, quit being so greedy!

It's a crazy idea, and one that could be disastrous. I think about all of the stadiums in the NL West, mostly Chase Field in Arizona which is my backyard. It's definitely more hitter friendly and after watching the damage that a power righty could do against an all lefty rotation could quickly hurt the Dodgers.

I can already see Paul Goldschmidt launch a bomb to the left side of Chase Field. The Dodgers are probably going to have to make some adjustments, otherwise home games are going to be "must win" for them.

I tip my cap to the Dodgers though to try and be strategic here....but has this ever been done? It has, and we actually had success with an all lefty rotation back in 1983. We hold the highest number of starts with an all lefty rotation with 127 out of 162. Surprisingly, we still won 91 games but finished third in the division. So we have shown that it can be done, but a lot has changed since 1983.

Back in 1975 the Chicago White Sox also had a lefty heavy rotation and started 120 games this way. The White Sox aren't afraid of pitching with a bunch of lefties, after all they are tied for third of all time for lefty starters according to

So maybe the Dodgers aren't completely crazy, but the game has changed so much over the years. It will be interesting to see how things change once Brandon McCarthy rejoins the team mid season from his injury. Then again, maybe this is a ploy for them to make a trade. Think about it, the Dodgers have a staff full of lefties, maybe then can use one as trade bait for a right hander. Maybe a team like the Yankees could make things interesting here.

Not to get too crazy here but maybe it could happen. We need a lefty, and the Dodgers need some righties. We have plenty of those. Would you be willing to give up someone on our staff for say....Scott Kazmir?

Do I think the Dodgers are crazy? Yes. Two of their rival teams have hitter friendly ball parks so that is a lot of strategy and pressure to perform on the road. I don't see or understand what the Dodgers are trying to do here if they indeed intend to keep an all lefty rotation. What do you think?


--Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ 


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