Monday, December 14, 2015


You remember the untuck?

I do too, and I enjoyed watching Rafael Soriano fill in for Mariano Rivera when Mo was out a few years ago. Soriano proved to be a solid closer with the Yankees and did what we needed him to do... including untucking his shirt at the end of the game as if to say, "I've over bitches, I'm going home."

Well,  there was a tweet that went out about Soriano and the Yankees and it comes from's Jon Heyman:
Now I made a call about this just to see if my source knew anything about it.  I was told that "Yes", Soriano's name DID come up, especially when word spread that the Yankees were willing to unload Andrew Miller. 

I just don't know if it's still being discussed.  My source didn't know either.

Now, it's my opinion that with the Justin Wilson trade, the likelihood of Miller staying in pinstripes is very good, and the possibility of Soriano coming back to the Yankees after that revelation is very slim... BUT... I wanted to at least share that with you all.

Carry on.

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