Sunday, December 20, 2015


It happens every year.  We decide that THIS is the year we change up the old routine.  We may want to kick a habit, lose a few or pick up a new hobby.  The New York Yankees are having their own “NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION” of sorts and we have to get used to it…like it or not.

Gone are the Day of Old Uncle George and his checkbook of magic.  If there was a problem the Old Lion would wave his pen, sign a check and fix it…or at least we all hoped.  Thanks for nothing, Kevin Brown.

As Yankee Faithful we endured the jabs of Small Market Martyrs, “You buy your wins while we suffer through the real baseball seasons.”  What a bunch of nonsense…but that’s another story.

Here’s the odd silver lining for those who need one…WE DON’T DO THAT ANYMORE.  The Yankees have decided to slim down.  They don’t go long term.  They don’t sell off young talent for short-term gains.  The Bronx Bombers are now the Bronx Bargain Hunters.  Cashman is like my Nana.  He is at TJ Maxx looking for the hidden deal in the bin full of junk.  Brian is like your Uncle Frank when you ask for 5 dollars.  “5 dollars?! What do you need 4 dollars for? You gotta be kidding. 3 dollars.  You gotta be outta ya mind!

But!  Is it for the best?  Are we smarter?  Will this truly be the way to go?  Ask Stick Michael and I’m sure he’d say, Cueto? 100 plus million?!  HAHAHAHAHAHAH.”

I am not all that upset with the Yanks and their new frugalness.  David Price would have been nice, but at that number…. NO WAY IN BOSTON…or hell to the layman.

Look, we are below the radar like the teams in the early 1990s.  I dig it; we are becoming the 6 Million-Dollar Man…Faster, Stronger (Hopefully) Better than he’s ever been before!  It can happen.  Let’s make like Cubs’ fans and say, “You GOTTA believe”.

I try to always look to the New Year with hope and optimism…guardedly when it comes to the Yankees.  But hey, why not? What do we have to lose?  We weren’t a great team the last few years.  Let’s let it ride!

Happy New Year to the New Look New York Yankees!  Let’s give it a go.

** Here’s to the Late, Great Uncle George! …But Papa Hal’s GOT A BRAND NEW BAG! **

--Mike O'Hara Senior "Features" Writer
Twitter: @mikeyoh21

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