Wednesday, December 2, 2015


It's a rainy morning and I'm boarding the train and DJ Kool's "Let me Clear my  Throat" comes on the iPod and I know right now, it's gonna be a weird day.  The headphones are pumping and I'm writing this at the same time.  Everyone has something to say today when it comes to the signing of David Price by the Boston Red Sox and it's split.  Many are now calling for Brian Cashman's head and hate the fact that the Yankees didn't get him.  Others, like myself (Read LAUGH OUT LOUD: SOX LAND PRICE) are saying "Hey, we like Price, but not at the price", pardon the pun. 

Let me clear my throat.  The Price signing has kicked off the Free Agent season big time! Like I stated in that piece above, Dombrowski wanted to make a splash as big man on campus in Boston and from a business standpoint, the man stands out, no question.  But I just don't know if long term deals like this work.  But hey, teams don't seem the care anymore, it's clear.  

I thought it was crazy when Johnny Cueto turned down the Diamondbacks offer of $120 million, but you know what? Now with this Price deal, Cueto will get whatever he wants.  The Free Agent market is nuts right now and I gotta tell you, I'm stunned... even though I assumed it would all happen this way.

And what about the New York Yankees?  Will we do anything?  Lisa Swan, a blogger and someone I respect tremendously over at Subway Squawkers wrote this on Facebook last night. It was followed by her article (HERE):

"Did you know Brian Cashman has a plate with eight screws in his right ankle from his ill-fated airplane jump? Yet he has no regrets on doing so, calling the jump "wild." I write today about how immature and moronic the Yankees' GM is. Passing on David Price is just the latest dumb decision."

Trust me, she went on a rant in her piece. Here's some:

 "The chances that A-Rod and Tex have the seasons they did last year are slim. And if Tanaka is the closest this team will have to an ace, they're in real trouble.

I can understand not trading for Price. But not signing him as a free agent, especially when it wouldn't cost a draft pick, is lunacy. Sorry, fellow Yankee fans, but there's no way to spin this decision as a good day for the Bombers.

Meanwhile, over at Section-36, A Red Sox blog and a great site on the BYB Hub, an interesting take:

"First of all, the contract is huge. HUGE. 7 years and 210 million huge. It's too much. It's way too much. It's not even close to not being too much. And, let's stop focusing on the 3-year opt out like it's a good thing. Those are never good things for the team. If the player pitches well, you need to overpay to keep him. If he doesn't, you're on the hook for a dead weight contract... 

Because the Sox are better next year thanks to this deal. The Sox are better for the next three or four years. "

A great take, and something I didn't think about and it makes sense.  Pay it all now, and get a few good years from the guy and get the team motivated and winning and, hey, maybe we got something here if you're the Red Sox.   I'm assuming more Red Sox fans love this deal.    With this thinking, it makes alot of sense.

And back to Lisa Swan... you gotta wonder what Brian Cashman is thinking.  I mean, in the end, the Yankees didn't want to give up youth.  Hal Steinbrenner has told the press he's excited about the kids.  OK fine. So what's the logic with not reaching out about Free Agent Price?  It's a free agent signing, bro!  We don't lose kids over it.  Why not try?   The Yankees have money coming out of their coolie (Italian slang for butt).  They could have made a deal or at least an offer.  No, not at $217 for 7 years, that's nuts to me, but they could have thrown about $180 at the guy and saw what happened. I guess we'll find out soon if Cashman even picked up the phone.

Let me clear my throat.  In the end, the Yankees have Masahiro Tanaka who is always questionable with that elbow, CC Sabathia who has a bad knee, Nathan Eovaldi who's returning from injury, Michael Pineda who, let's be honest, you never know what you're gonna get on any given day... and Luis Severino.  That's not enough.  Jordan Zimmermann is now signed with the Tigers. Price is now signed.  Johnny Cueto is out there, but will the Yankees bite? Do they wanna bite?

I guess we wait and see.  I will tell you though, in years past, Cashman never liked to be outdone in the offseason, so logic will tell you that something's coming down the pike for the New York Yankees.  

These days though... I just don't know anymore.

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