Tuesday, December 1, 2015


I laughed earlier today after that Peter Gammons-MLB dinosaur tweeted someone silly about David Price:
He couched it with a followup tweet suggesting that you can't underestimate Dave Dombrowski.  Look Gammons... retire man. Seriously. It's over. Go up on a farm up in Boston and sit with your guitar and strum Dueling Banjos with a buddy.

The latest news is David Price is a Boston Red Sock.  The Boston Globe writes: "According to a source briefed on the negotiations, they agreed on Tuesday on a seven-year, $217 million contract with lefthander David Price.

The deal is the largest ever for a pitcher, $2 million more than the Dodgers gave Clayton Kershaw."

It's a big deal, a huge deal and good for the Sox, but here's my take on all of this.

The reality is David Price didn't go for an NL team like Gammons tweeted.  Price went to the Red Sox, a last place team in 2015, that no doubt can win, and can hit, but didn't win much last season. Will David Price help turn it around for the Red Sox? Sure, he's a good pitcher, I like him a lot, but I don't like him at the tune of $217 million and 7 years. That's utterly insane.  And while the idea of Price helping the first few years makes sense, we've seen players break down and these monster deals become amplified as "bad moves". 

Hell, Last year the Sox signed Pablo Sandoval to that monster deal, remember that? In 2015 he looked like a lost overweight DH. A .245 average with 10 home runs.  Whoa.  That deal looks bad. I wonder how this Price deal will play out.

Clayton Kershaw is the best pitcher in baseball, but for some reason, David Price is worth more.  Well, this isn't about Price at all, it's about Dombrowski trying to make a splash here, don't get it twisted.

Dombrowski wants to be big man on campus and he's established that... I tip my cap. But now you gotta wonder if Price really thinks he's worth that kind of dough. Furthermore, will the "greed" word now creep in when speaking of Price? 

Is Price a Robinson Cano? An Alex Rodriguez?  The reality is, Price is a pretty good dude, a great teammate, but let's see if all that changes now that he's raking in that kind of dough. If he doesn't deliver... it's worse.

I don't like David Price at $217 and 7 years. I'm sorry, that's me.  Obviously Brian Cashman doesn't like it either and I gotta tell you, I am thrilled that the Yankees passed on Price.  He's not worth the price, I don't care that we need a lefty, we don't need a lefty at that kind of money and years.

Here's my next question Yankee fans. Will the Yankees go after a pitcher?  We do need one, but who? Stay tuned on that one.

I tip my hat to the Sox fans.  You got a good pitcher.  I just don't like the deal.  It's way too long and way too expensive...

That's just me.

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