Thursday, December 10, 2015


It's a minor victory, but a victory just the same.  The #BYBHub is about to hit 10,000 views.  That means people are coming to the Hub to find out about Yankee news, Baseball news and the one stop shop is working.  Sure it's slow, but no one liked parachute pants when they first came out either.

After Michael Jackson wore them... it was off the hook.  Sure, I'm dating myself. All I'm saying is... patience... that's what we have here at BYB.

I want to thank my wingmen, Greedy Pinstripes and Section-36 for helping make this idea a reality.  I want to thank the charter members of the #BYBHub for continuing to put out up to date content.  Just as reminder,  the Hub was designed to bring in new blogs.  Blogs that didn't get a big readership and weren't really discovered or viewed regularly.  My creation was merely a way for new bloggers and new blogs to get some exposure. We all try and work together here.  But it only really works if the content is fresh, and the ideas are new and appealing. If blogs that appear on the Hub aren't consistently following their dream to get noticed putting up fresh content, the idea can fail.  And so, we try to work together to make the Hub popular.

It took alittle over a year to just about hit 10,000 and we'll do it over the next several hours. For that, I'm blessed.  We have good people surrounding us and that makes us all very happy.

Continue reading folks.  To the Bloggers on the Hub, continue creating and continue dreaming.  Dreams do come true, but you need to have a passion for what you want to accomplish.  Bleeding Yankee Blue happened that way... now the #BYBHub is... a collection of wonderful individuals who all want to make big things happen.

Happy 10,000... many more to come.

--Robert Casey, Chief & Lead Writer,  
Bleeding Yankee Blue 
Creator of the BYB Hub
Twitter: @BleednYankeeBlu

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