Sunday, December 13, 2015


There's no guarantee Carlos Beltran will retire, but he hinted that he may after the 2016 season.  That my friends was music to my ears. Not that I hate Beltran, I don't. I'm just excited about the future.

Beltran had a very slow 2015 and was pretty disappointing to me, but as we all saw, he started to turn it on and became one of the better hitters in the Yankee lineup as the season went on.   His hope is he can keep that going and that will determine his future.  According to the New York Post, Beltran said:

"I don’t think there is any big decision I have to make — other than to play one more year or go home... In my case, I am very happy with my career. … If I feel like I produce well to the point where I can make a good impact on a team, then I can play one more year. Or if I feel like I have [had] enough, I’ll go home.”

I like the guy, but I never felt like Beltran's been a terribly effective outfielder.  His bat still works and that's a great thing, but he does hurt us defensively out there.  I hate to sound like I'm pushing the guy out, I'm just excited about what lies ahead.

Aaron Judge will no doubt be the Yankees right fielder the following season, (At least that's what I think), and I can only assume he'll be called up this fall for the Bronx to see.  He's young, his big, and I'm curious to see if he can roam the outfield alittle better than a Beltran. 

Judge was not brought up the Big Show after he struggled with the RailRiders batting only .224 with 8 home runs and 24 RBIs last season.  No biggie, life goes on.

But with more work in the 2016 season, there is no doubt, he'll crack the code. 

Whatever the case, the futures coming ladies and gentlemen. Get excited.

Just alittle nugget to start off your Sunday.

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