Friday, November 20, 2015


I stand here right now very pleased with myself.  Today, when Twitter blew up because it was reported that the Yankees were interested in Starlin Castro of the Cubs for Brett Gardner... I gotta tell ya, I didn't buy it.  I don't know why... probably because it seemed too easy and clean.

And so I watched Twitter get nutty and watched folks get cranky in the process.  I even got a couple tweets about it. I merely suggested that everybody calm the F--- down.
By the way, I'm not sure "No Way Jose" is actually politically correct these days.  Anyway...and so I waited. I mean look, I understand fan concern, but again, something didn't feel right.

And so, as I finally enter my home tonight after a long, hard day, I can happily report that I was right to not scurry to my computer and report falsely that the Yankees and Cubs were talking Castro for Gardner. Why? Well, because it appears to be crap.

According to,

"the Yankees were not interested in such a deal but may consider Castro at another price...Castro, who turns 26 in late March, moved from shortstop to second base in early August to clear a starting spot for Addison Russell. Castro handled the switch to second well, and was ranked among baseball's best hitters in September, with a .369 average and 1.055 OPS."

While the Yankees like Castro, they don't like Castro for Gardner. And here's another thing, why not stay with what we have and keep Dustin Ackley and Rob Refsnyder to platoon at second base? Why would we be looking at Castro for that... we're covered there, aren't we?

The Yankees need a starting pitcher.   Castro is a nice piece, but a starting pitcher is the nicer piece this offseason.

And so, I'm glad I waited.  I really am.

We'll let you know if anything happens with Gardner OR Castro... or even Miller.  There's alot happening, huh?

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