Tuesday, November 3, 2015


So today is an event at Bleeding Yankee Blue. It's BYB Senior Writer Suzie Pinstripe's birthday! Now over the years, I like to give my writers a shout out on their birthday. It's supposed to be a nice gesture for all they do for me.  And so I ask... WHOSE BIRTHDAY IS IT? WHAT? WHOSE BIRTHDAY IS IT? 

Look, I totally appreciate all my writers offer to you, our audience, and for me, their "boss" so to speak they're like family.  Now as you know, we're a volunteer shop here, and yet, our writers bust their ass in between their own personal lives, work schedules, school schedules, births, deaths, and attending Yankee games.  Suzie is one of those incredible individuals, and that's why I wanted to take a moment and wish her the absolute best 28th birthday she knows how to celebrate!

Without Suzie, without all of my incredible writers, this site doesn't build the audience it does.  But we're here and I not only want to thank my readers for finding us... I thank my writers.  Suzie never quits. She's a runner, she's a hardworker and does not believe in failure and she takes everything seriously.  She always wants to get it right. She's got spunk!

Suzie and I have a special bond. Both being Italian, we understand each other when it comes to family and food of course.  The meatballs are constantly talked about, the gravy we cook them in and of course, we have very similar personalities when it comes to our passion.

We have passion in everything, even the way we talk and write.  I love that.   I want to personally thank Suzie for working her tail off for Bleeding Yankee Blue.  She's one of the good ones ladies and gentlemen, and she deserves everything good that comes her way.  Cin Cin!

Happy Birthday to a great writer and a great person.  Suzie Pinstripe. And if you're wondering about the title and the picture above of the stripping cops... it's from a scene in Reno 911: Miami.  Watch it, it's hilarious.

Enjoy your day Suzie. To my BYB audience, be sure to reach out to Suzie and give her a birthday wish.  She's at @suzieprof on Twitter.

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